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We are White Ocean, an Ahmedabad-based investment and financial advisory firm. where we help you and business manage its finances, make the right investment choices and grow your wealth.

We at White Ocean believe that TIME is the biggest asset one could have in their lives and businesses. And getting the right financial advice, at the right time is crucial for you to achieve your finance and business goals in the longer run.

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Whether you are a high net worth individual, or business run individually, on a partnership or by family, having well planned financial strategy helps you in multiplying your wealth. And to achieve this, you need a partner to guide you through the unknown roads of financial instruments. And we are that partner for you!

Every step you take; we make sure that you achieve your financial goals without any hindrance. We are not the ones who believes in one-time guidance, instead, we consistently evaluate the performance of your financial instrument, keep an eye on your investments and channelize them into lucrative products and solutions.


We make your money do the work

White Ocean Investment Services LLP was started by Jay Patel and Shardul Patel in November 2018 with the vision to provide best in class financial and investment services and reflect the best of financial values. Jay and Shardul believe that the root cause behind businesses and individuals not having enough funds and liquidity is because of bad or no financial literacy, and with White Ocean, they wish to fill this gap.

Jay Patel

Jay Patel

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Shardul Patel


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about us
Our Vision

To make you invest wisely

To provide best in class financial and investment services and reflect the best of financial values in everything we do.

Our mission

To make you grow financially

  • To help people channelise their investments smartly that leads to wealth creation.
  • To make our clients financially independent by helping them to reap the maximum rewards through their investments.
  • To adhere to the highest level of ethics, professional excellence, and perseverance in everything we do.
about us
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