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Mutual Funds

Mutual funds help diversify investment through strategic and analytical allocation of the capital. Explore and choose the most appropriate fund based on your goals, investment amount and time horizon.

No biassed advice. Pure systematic approach.

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Become part of a company's growth story by owning its shares. Best suitable for medium to long-term, equities give a solid edge to the portfolio with a potential for considerable gains.

Optimum risk-reward ratio. Complete convenience.

Corporate & Government Bonds Icon

Corporate & Government Bonds

A powerful instrument for fixed as well as variable interest rate, Corporate & Government Bonds ensure safer and stable return on investment. This investment option provides an opportunity for growth as well as capital conservation.

Balanced approach. Fine outcome.

Corporate Fixed Deposits Icon

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Be rest assured of fixed returns with Corporate Fixed Deposits. Offered by Financial as well as Non-financial institutions, this investment instrument is ideal for a comprehensive and solid portfolio.

Ideal alternative to Bank FDs. Zero downside.

Private Equity Icon

Private Equity

This investment class gives an opportunity to directly invest in companies that are not listed publicly, making it ideal for a higher risk profile over a long-term horizon.

High risk. Higher returns.

Alternate Investments Icon

Alternate Investments

A completely unique investment class compared to the conventional ones, Alternate Investments include venture capital, hedge funds and long-short funds, amongst other products.

Fresh avenues. Dynamic result.

Structured Products Icon

Structured Products

Leave it to the experts to help you design a portfolio that includes the best of diverse investment options and products. Market-linked, research-oriented and result-driven, Structured Products ensure a customised solution as per your goals.

Personalised approach. Full control.

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Design a portfolio that best suits you. Because your financial goals, needs and dreams are unique to you. And so must be your portfolio. Take the first step towards building a solid corpus.

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