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Banking professional

To retire in 8 years

No retirement plan yet

  • Upon retirement, client is set to receive approximately Rs.20 lakh from his insurance policies, and around Rs. 25 lakhs as retirement benefits from his employers.
  • The client will require at least Rs. 50,000 per month for life post retirement, for which he will need a corpus of Rs. 85 lakhs. He is falling short of Rs.40 lakhs for his retirement corpus.
 Proper Asset Allocation

Corpus of Rs.85 lakhs in 8 years

By the time the client retires, his corpus will reach the target figure of Rs. 85 lakhs.

 Proper Asset Allocation

Rs.50,000 every month guaranteed

Guaranteed regular returns of 7% from investment of corpus in financial products will earn Rs.50,000/month.

 Proper Asset Allocation

No worry of medical emergencies

Client won’t have to worry about any future medical costs, thanks to the increased health insurance.